The REAL (Evidence Based) Video on why Plant-Based Diets can CURE HEART DISEASE and CANCER and Why YOU should BEGIN NOW to Keep you from DIEING…

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Watch this video presentation be Dr. Gregor for the latest factual information on why you should maintain a plant-based diet to reverse the effects of chronic degenerative disease and cancer…..

The REAL DANGERS of Cell Phones

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The following video gives an “independent overview” of the DANGERS  WE ALL FACE,  related to the EMF and HIGH-DIGITAL FREQUENCY RADIATION emitted from ALL WIRELESS DEVICES….ESP. the 200-times “stronger than cellphone radiation”, being emitted from YOUR SMART-METER ATTACHED TO YOUR HOME!!

Let’s begin with a pdf of what we are dealing with:  This is called:

“Silent Weapons for Silent Wars”


After this video, there are links to follow:….but Remember….Stay Strong, Stay Informed, Stay Healthy!!

For further in-depth information, charts, videos and all the independent research on this subject to go:

Be Well…

Dr. Vishnu

10 Things You Need to Know to Stay Healthy In ANY LIFE SITUATION….

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I just began a series of talks on THE 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW TO STAY HEALTHY IN ANY SITUATION….The first two classes are already “in the can” and are ready any day to be uploaded to my YouTube channel: Ur Road 2 Health and are packed with valuable information on the practical aspects of “Intuition” and “Muscle Response Testing”….  So, make sure you check out my YouTube channel regularly to find the most current uploaded, information-packed videos!!!

Tele-Summit on WorkPlace Stress!

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Join Me!  I’m going to be a guest speaker for STRESS:  The Silent Killer in the Workplace.  You do not want to miss this!

The Simplicity, Beauty and Power of Being Able To Heal SELF…

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Why is it we have become manipulated into thinking we are not the EXPERTS of OURSELVES!!!…..

WE ALL inherently know this…and THIS ONE FACT, provides one of the main reasons why we are so frustrated when making an appointment to see a medical professional and things just don’t go as well as they should have.  

Perhaps this is for a couple of reasons; One, because the person we sit in front of, who we pay to assess our “condition” doesn’t really know us as well as we would like them to (esp.  within the context of an average 7-minute office visit) and this results in their limitation of understanding the “full nature” of our condition, and secondly, we have just given up our power to another, for the most part, to have them “fix us”.   This second factor becomes HIGHLY IMPORTANT SINCE IT ACTS AS A RESISTANCE FACTOR TOWARDS OUR OWN HEALING!!

If we, (you and I) continually choose to not “take responsibility” for our own health and well-being, then we are relegated to the consequences of actions and ways of being which are not “in our highest good”.

Example….Let’s just say we have a history of kidney stones and these stones become a problem for us once or twice a year.  The good thing is we know we can go to our “doctor” and they will “bust up the stones” by mechanical means, with drugs or with surgery.  This allows us to continue to eat and drink those things which may directly contribute to the ongoing creation of our kidney stones and continue the process of us having to experience these “procedures”, which have not addressed the “Causative Factor to resolve the root cause of our kidney stone issue”.  On the other hand, should we choose to “empower ourselves” through the knowledge and power of SELF-CARE, (NAET Allergy Elimination, Bio-Energetic Testing, Chinese Herbs,etc…) we may then be able to remove the “pattern” of kidney stone creation, which we maintain by having someone else “fix us by treating our set of symptoms”.  This is taking responsibility for one’s health and well-being, with the results being nothing short of REMARKABLE!

When we choose to take the time to educate and apply simple, historically proven, safe and cost-effective natural techniques and remedies to keep ourselves in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance….”ALL WILL BE WELL”.


Through articles, videos, past “Holistically Speaking” radio programs, current shows on relevant healthcare related issues, links, books, courses and related products, “Natural Self-Care Solutions” will be providing you with a complete and up-to-date source of, INFORMATION, TRAINING AND PRODUCTS to keep you, your family and those you care about, healthy and balanced in a world overwhelmed with stress and change.

We will strive to create and maintain a “living site” dedicated to “THE WISDOM AND POWER OF SELF-CARE”.

To your ongoing journey of self-discovery and may you be as inquisitive as a “new-born child” with the beauty, knowledge and power of NATURAL SELF-CARE SOLUTIONS!

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