BioEnergetic Medicine & Homotoxicology



First…..BioEnergetic Medicine, (BEM) what is it and why is it important to EVERYONE’S overall health and wellbeing?  BEM is the scientific (Quantum Physics) understanding of how our bodies work on a cellular level, based upon electricity.  Why is this important and how does it work?

First and foremost, the reality is we are all just “bags of water with proteins, minerals, enzymes, and other chemicals floating around in what is called the “milieu” or cellular soup which not only carries the electrical charge of our cells, but also translate to the responding tissues and related organs.  So….the “dirtier” this soup gets with, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, fungi, environmental toxins etc., the less chance our cells have for proper communication with each other and their supportive tissues and organs…thus the concept of “DIS-EASE” begins to surface.

This is why IT IS IMPERATIVE TO CLEAN AND DETOXIFY YOURSELF ON A CELLULAR LEVEL, especially if you are truly going to HEAL!!!  Which is precisely why the conventional medical establishment calls the “Five Year Grace Period”, your cure rate marker, since they feel if you can hang around for 5-years after their onslaught of barbaric poisonous therapies, you will have been cured.  This does not take into account the realistic fact that you might die of what is considered “an unrelated illness” set up by the therapies you received to deal with the original dis-ease issue.

The beauty of BEM, is the true fact that it is NON-TOXIC!!!…and NO THING WHICH YOU WILL BE TESTED FOR AND GIVEN TO HELP YOU OVERCOME THE “TOXIC FOCAL POINT” FOUND DURING THE TESTING PROCEDURE, (directly relating to the reason for your current health challenge), TO CORRECT THE ISSUE, WILL HARM YOU!!

Which brings me to the SECOND POINT of my description…..What is HOMOTOXICOLOGY??

HOMOTOXICOLOGY is the science of integrating the wisdom of Traditional Eastern Medicine with modern Western Medicine on a cellular level related to something called “PROGRESSIVE VICARIATION”.

This time-honored concept (based upon the writings of Zhongjing Zhang, “Six Stages of Cold Induced Disorders” from the Shang Han Lun), offering insight into what happens to a toxin when it enters the body and how, when not removed through the proper workings of the  immune system, begins to travel deeper through the organ systems, tissues and cells, to create, eventually, a de-coupling or differentiation of normal cells, eventually causing neoplasia or cancer.