How To Use This Site…

What is the best way I can benefit from the information, courses and products found on this site?

First…Make sure you take the time to browse our MENU to acquaint yourself with the various categories available on the subjects and therapies we are attempting to make you aware of…Then MAKE SURE you read the information contained in the FUNDAMENTALS tab, giving you background and information on how these practically-based and timely,holistic therapies have been historically applied (very successfully) to change the course of acute as well as chronic diseases.  

Next…Navigate to the (from A to Z) tab and locate the health issue you are attempting to garner information on and click on the related disorder…Afterwards, view the associated courses, therapies and products to assist you in the resolution of this issue.

Finally…Head to the (Links) tab to get further information from those professionals on the Web who continue to research and apply the various therapies mentioned here, to work with the health issue you are attempting to resolve and  join our “Health Freedom Membership Network” where you can get direct assistance for a small fee (see details on the Membership Page tab) from Dr. Vishnu and his associates regarding specific therapy application  or for your health challenge.

By following these simple steps to become familiar with the inner workings of the Natural Self-Care Solutions website, discovering the information you are looking for, the therapies that best suite your issues and their related products, you will provide yourself with not only a most profound and gratifying experience, you will embark on the road to HEALTH FREEDOM!!!

May this be an uplifting, educational and prosperous journey for you and the ones you love and care most for!

To you Health an Well-Being!!

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