N.A.E.T. and How It Removes Allergies

Why is N.A.E.T. and Important “first step” in Our Healing Journey?

Very simply….If you are affected by a chronic health issue and are looking for something to “break the cycle of dis-ease” then the first and most important thing you will have to get a handle on to determine and clear out are ANY AND ALL ALLERGIES OR INTOLERANCES YOU MAY HAVE.

The reason I like N.A.E.T. is the same reason I like to make sure my child has gas in her car before I decide to look deeper into why it is not starting…..it is FUNDAMENTAL TO THE OPERATION OF THE VEHICLE!!

As with gasoline in internal combustion engines, should we be out of gas or have an “intolerance” to a substance fundamental to our “operation” we consequently will experience a negative reaction to the operation of the “vehicle”.  When you are allergic to something, the consequence must show up as “dis-ease” by one or more of the following symptoms:

+An inordinate craving for a substance

+A chronic condition which seemingly has no response to conventional therapy

+Chronic fatigue or insomnia

+Unresolvable pain or inflammation (sciatica or arthritic inflammation)

+Organ or digestive discomfort

So, if you have any one of these symptoms or more than one, it is most likely you are reflecting an intolerance, setting up an allergic reaction and maintaining “dis-ease”.

not only cravewhich is the basis of what I call: The Eleventh Commandment”, but continues to create a negative reaction in us, this must DEFINED, TREATED AND REMOVED..

Because this “allergy” can show up on multiple levels, (physical, biochemical, emotional and psycho-spiritual), N.A.E.T. offers a complete therapeutic approach to rendering a substance we have become allergic to, harmless.



How do I know this??….simply put…

It has been my experience to see the profound changes in those who have gone through N.A.E.T. sessions who have been found to “not crave the thing or things they were allergic to after treatment”.