Radio Show Archives

The following is a listing of past “Holistically Speaking” radio shows, offering information on a wide-range of subjects including detoxification, the energetics of food, the power of emotions and much, much, more…. Please click on the appropriate audio file to begin listening…enjoy the information!!

CANDIDA ALBACANS…..The Hidden Cause for Multiple Chronic Health Issues….Coming Soon!!!


GOOD FATS!….and the Healing Power of ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS…Coming Soon!!!


Healing Addictions and Substance Abuse with Auricular Acupuncture, (NADA Protocol)…

Flower Essences for Healing Your Thoughts, Feelings and Body!!….

Natural Remedies and Techniques for HEARTBURN!!

What can I do for those nagging HEADACHES!!

Sinus Conditions and Allergies…

Iodine Deficiencies…Parts 1 and 2

Iodine Deficiencies Part 1

Iodine Deficiencies Part 2

The Five Tastes and Obesity

PAIN…how to resolve it through NATURAL MEANS w/ Carl Robinson, MD

Cancer Alternatives

The Power of Thought

Parasites…The Underlying Cause of Many Chronic Diseases

Jin-Shin-Do…The Healing Power of “Acupressure”

A Case for Natural Hormones

The 12-Biochemic Cell Salts & N.A.E.T. (Allergy Elimination)

What Is Homeopathy & How Can It Keep YOU and Family Healthy?

A Conversation with William Shevin, MD Psychiatrist and Homeopath

The Importance of Herbal Extracts

Resolving Colds and Flu…without drugs

The Lymphatics….Your Nutrient Distribution & Garbage Removal System

Interview with Masaru Emoto…”The TRUE Power of Water”…A 2-Part Interview….Coming Soon!!


Interview with Masaru Emoto   Part 2