SaTerra Vishnu, DOM

A 30 year licensed veteran of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, SaTerra has been actively involved with multi-disciplinary holistic medical practices since the mid-seventies.  While working on his undergraduate degree in Kalamazoo, Michigan and “walking on” the Bronco’s football team at Western Michigan University, events would transpire leading him down a path culminating in a lifetime of “questioning the dominant paradigm” and searching out a wide-range of holistic healthcare modalities, working to provide the vital keys to health and wellbeing…. now the rest of the story.

As fate would have it, this began his journey into a 25-year vegetarian life-style and the underpinnings of a carrier in holistic medicine through his research into nutrition and American Indian Herbal practices, embracing the pioneering native American herbal work of Alma Hutchins.