Why We Must Ready Ourselves To Create a Space for Healing by the Intentions We Choose To Maintain….

As with most things we desire throughout our lives, the first and most important decision we can offer ourselves, creating our “structure of fulfillment” is to create the intention for the outcome we intend to place our focus upon.

There is no more important “first look” to place forth our intentions in the journey to prepare ourselves to heal.  I can truly say it has been my experience to listen to people who say: “this is killing me” and then expect to heal.  This being said, YOUR MOST CRITICAL TIME IN YOUR HEALING PROCESS IS AT THE ONSET WHEN YOU MUST CHOOSE TO HEAL.

It really matters not what form or modality of healing you choose, but what is your intention behind your particular path of healing.  This “sets in stone” an action which will allow you to be open to the possibility of healing within the parameters of the therapy you have chosen to embrace.

Things which can assist you in honing in on your intention, can be found through the practices of meditation, yoga,  or focused prayer and can be very helpful in aligning  your thoughts to create the intention for a focused outcome.  If we choose not to take advantage of these important tools, we lose the focused energy necessary to allow our body to respond in an appropriate manner.  If we are overridden with one of the “Seven Emotions”  (anger and depression, inappropriate joy, worry and obsession, grief and sorrow, shock and fear ) which we will discuss in-depth on our information series on “The Chinese 5-Element Theory, the Seven Emotions, and Flower Essences”, and do nothing to work towards releasing these “energy cysts” changing our outlook and overall being, we significantly reduce our ability to heal and reach our true healing goal.

Another part of the puzzle we must address, deals with past events and traumas we have stuffed into our sub-conscious  allowing us to just “carry-on” with our daily lives without having to relive and resolve a profoundly significant event which continues to surface upon stressful moments or emotional traumas.  This can be the very reason why we revert back to inappropriate behavior uncharacteristic of ourselves when the “heat is on”, as this unresolved trauma locked in our sub-conscious always surfaces to restrict us from true freedom and health.


It makes absolutely no sense for us to engage in a therapy and involve others when we are not fully committed to the therapy, it’s process and the other person or persons who represent the deployment of this process.  Too many have initiated a process only to find failure and disappointment at the end, because their intention was not in alignment with what they entered into.  It does not matter the therapy, (herbs, acupuncture, homeopathy, nutritional counseling, or detoxification), if you cannot find solace in your “therapeutic connection”, then don’t do it and either find someone else or another form of therapy you can fully align and embrace with!!


A very important aspect of your intentional process, must be the flexibility you bring to this “life experience”.  You must always remember:


As this is the case, we MUST BE FLEXIBLE in our process of healing (as well as our everyday lives) and allow for changes in direction when the healing process is stuck so as to allow the healing process to move forward in whatever direction, seemingly feels appropriate.

I bring the word “feels” into this and all other conversations relating to our healing journey, since this most operative word truly encapsulates who we are and why we can heal from truly ANYTHING, given the full scope of the parameters involved…Simply because we are NOT JUST MACHINES we have a responsibility to honor what we feel and work towards resolving any abhorrent emotional states.  This is as matter-of-fact for us as placing a band-aide on a cut finger.  To deny the importance of our biochemical self and how we must apply tests to determine proper levels of biological factors and adjust them accordingly, is to deny a very important aspect of our total self with the chance of great peril and possible demise.  This being stated, it is nonetheless imperative to honor and work towards our “Unidirectional Level of Health and Well-Being” to find true happiness and abundant health.

As the author of “7-Habbits of Highly Successful People”, Steven Covey states:



To Your True Healing Journey!!

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