Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself!!!!……REALLY???  This is such a BIG DEAL!!!……How can ANYONE TRUST THEMSELVES!…..

If this is not the time-honored challenge WE ALL FACE!…..

Look….we have inside forces, (EGO) constantly telling us we are at best “limited and not worthy”, in addition and sometimes in conjunction with outside forces driving us to constantly question who we truly are and what we are about based upon the “faith” we are supposed to have to keep us “tethered” to an ideology of belief structure, the majority of the public believes in, which we must also comply with to be “part of the crowd”.

Both are constant and unrelenting, tugging and pushing us out of the innate knowledge within us to “do what feels right!!!”….THE HEART VS. THE HEAD

We constantly battle ourselves when the most important tools we have to fight these ever-present distractive forces is to place ourselves into a reverent state of prayer and meditation and ALLOW those thoughts and feelings to begin to percolate up through our EGO and make manifest clear and concise communication with our “Heart Centered Self”.

This state of being, IS NEVER WRONG!!

If one looks back at the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), you will find it all came in the form of enhanced states of meditation, from individuals who chose to “see a bigger picture” and apply this insight to a system, (Taoism) which encapsulates a total understanding of the DUALITY OF THE UNIVERSE, as we know it….LIGHT / DARK, HARD / SOFT, MALE / FEMALE, BLACK / WHITE, BLOOD / QI.