Why ALLERGIES Keep Us from Healing

The First and Foremost Thing one MUST CONSIDER and ADDRESS in healing a CHRONIC DISEASE, as well as ACUTE DISORDERS, is to; RESOLVE ALL THINGS ALLERGIC!!!

What does this mean???  What is having an allergy mean??  

An allergy is not limited to the classic: “runny nose and itchy eyes”.  It can have a physical cause, (like being allergic to artichokes, which when eating will cause a reaction…like PAIN!!), a biochemical cause, (causing a build-up or depletion of essential nutrients), or may be related to an emotional cause, (due to  a fundamental emotional trauma…turned down on a date??), it can show up as chronic pain, or it can be related to a long-past, traumatic event (war, rape, car crash, violence or the death of a close friend or relative) you may or may not even remember, maintaining itself as residual trauma in your sub-conscious…

The event and circumstance can run the spectrum, from being told you were not worthy as a child, to being affected from any number of life-events, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Research has shown the very distinct and direct relationship PAIN has to the intensity of PTSD. (click on this link for more information about this)

A Preliminary study performed this past year at the annual Summer Stand-Down at the South Side Armory in Chicago with 500 Vietnam Era veterans who suffer from chronic pain and PTSD, show remarkable effectiveness through the use of ear “acutherapy” with the use of “vicaria seeds” instead of needles to significantly reduce or completely eliminate pain in those persons who were over-medicated with opiate drugs and continue to experience profound symptoms of pain and PTSD.  Please click on this link to veteranacupuncture.us for more in-depth information.

So, the long and the short of it is this…..MAKE SURE YOU ARE CLEAR OF ANYTHING YOU COULD BE ALLERGIC TO, before you begin your “erstwhile mission into the healing of self”.  If this is not looked into and corrected, you could be loosing valuable time and money with therapies and detoxification which may not be as effective without first clearing and eliminating all your allergies.

A good place to begin is to find a licensed practitioner of N.A.E.T. (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique).  this particular therapy is only offered by licensed healthcare practitioners, although there are a number of other therapies which can be effective in changing the “intolerance you may have to something which continues to make you ill”.  You might go to our “LINKS” tab on the homepage menu bar to find out more.

I hope this has been a valuable introduction and please and questions or comments and I will be happy to respond back.

To Your Unlimited Health!

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